About the Product

The Retail Acuity software is comprised of multiple modules that work together to streamline your retail servicing business. The software was created to execute your projects from start to finish. From project scheduling to invoicing and payroll it automates, simplifies, and empowers you to run your business in the best and most efficient way possible.

Scheduling + Project Set Up

Retail Acuity’s intuitive scheduling module will allow you to assign projects dynamically and efficiently.

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Data + Photo Capture

Survey results and photos from each store visit are your client’s snapshot into the stores.

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Managing People + Projects

Scheduling is only the first step in completing a project for a client. Ensuring that each project is completed successfully – on time and within budget – is critical.

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Client Reporting

Retail Acuity allows your clients to see the progress of their projects in real time and stay informed, all with no additional time or effort from you.

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Effective reporting is the key to gaining visibility into your business.

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Billing + Payroll Integration

Invoicing and payroll are simplified with Retail Acuity.

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Retail Acuity’s innovative system facilitates the communication between your home office, field reps, and clients.